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How to be a licenced Tourist Guide

At the frontline of Singapore�s tourism industry is the General Tourist Guide (GTG), who is licensed by STB to conduct tours within Singapore for a fee. To bring about greater vibrancy to the tourism industry, STB has also introduced Specialised Tourist Guide (STG).

How do I become a:
  • General Tourist Guide

    Interested persons may apply to STB for a General Tourist Guide licence using this online Tourist Guide Licence Application form . Upon submission of a successful application, a User Id and Password will be generated from the website for the applicant.

    Where STB requires, as indicated in the Application Form, an application is required to attain the 3 Statement of Attainments (SOAs) (either by undergoing a tourist guide training course through the Assessment Only Pathway) and pass the tourist guide examinations. Applicants should follow the simple two step procedure below. For your convenience, applicants may use the same online Tourist Guide Licence Application form to sign up for tourist guide licensing examinations if you qualify to sit for those examinations.

    Step 1: Attaining the 3 Statement of Attainments (SOAs) under the Tourism WSQ Framework

    We are glad to embark on the Tourism Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) framework that seeks to nationally certify the tourist guide candidates and further improve the alignment between training and assessment. This would better equip aspiring tourist guides with relevant competencies to join our tourism industry and deliver work performance that is of good quality. Our training providers (accredited by the WDA) have revamped their course syllabus; ensured trainers are certified and conduct pre-screening to ensure the right mould of candidates for entry into the tourist guide training course.

    Under the Tourism WSQ framework, all Tourist Guide training providers would be required to align their course content to the 3 Competency Units jointly identified by STB, industry members and the Workforce Development Agency (WDA). The 3 Competency Units are :

    1. Apply Tourism Knowledge
    2. Interact with Guests
    3. Conduct Tour

    Students need to attain three Statements of Attainment (SOAs) to certify their competence in the three Competency Units which they had undergone training in. You can find out more information on the WSQ framework at the WDA website at

    With effect from 3 September 2007, following the alignment of the tourist guide training and assessment with Tourism WSQ, all applicants will be required to attain the three SOAs in order to be considered for the Tourist Guide Licensing Examination.

    The training providers for the tourist guide course are:

    1. Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business at 63341080 / 63250071
      Website :

    2. Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS) at 62388688
      Website :

    3. William Angliss Institute Pte Ltd at 66379837
      Website :

    Please contact the training providers directly to find out how you may sign up for the courses and for information on courses themselves (e.g. course duration, start and end dates and course fees payable)

    Step 2: Pass the STB Tourist Guide Licensing Examinations

    Applicants who have successfully obtained the 3 SOAs will be required to register for and pass the STB Tourist Guide Licensing Examinations. Applicants will need to pass the theory examination first before sitting for the practical examination. Theory examinations are conducted in electronic testing mode and will be held once a month. The practical examinations are usually scheduled every March/April, July/August and November/December. STB may change the dates for these practical examinations. Up-to date information on practical examination dates will be published at this website.

    Click here to download the format of the examinations and a copy of the practical examination itineraries.

    Applicants who have already applied for the General Tourist Licence using the online Tourist Guide Application form, need not re-register for the examinations. Applicants can use the same User Id and Password (issued to applicant when applying for the General Tourist Guide licence) to register and book their preferred theory and practical exam sessions.

    Applicants who have been unsuccessful in passing the STB Tourist Guide Examinations may still continue using the same User Id and Password to register for the examinations. Applicants will be required to update STB of any change of particulars before the license is issued.

    Please note that, on a case-to-case basis, the Board may require the applicant to be certified physically and mentally fit by a registered medical practitioner of your choice or a registered medical practitioner approved by STB.

Successful applicants may work for any licensed travel agent or work on a freelance basis. Your licence is valid for 3 years and renewable upon fulfilment of certain conditions. Other conditions applicable to the licence are listed in Singapore Tourism (Licensing and Control of Tourist Guides) Regulations (the "Regulations"). The Regulations may be found here.

No person shall act as a tourist guide unless he is in possession of a valid licence granted by the Board. Any person who contravenes the above shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $3,000 and in the case of a second or subsequent conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000.