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    General Tourist Guide
  1. What are the pre-requisites for attempting the Tourist Guide Examination?
  1. How do I become a General Tourist Guide?
  1. What is the Tourist Guide Course like?
  1. What is the Tourist Guide Examination like?
  1. What if I am unsuccessful in the Tourist Guide Licensing Examinations (practical)?
  1. Are there penalties to Travel Agents who use unlicensed guides?

  1. What should I do if I lose my Tourist Guide Badge?
  1. What are the conditions of renewal for the Tourist Guide Licence?
  1. What are half yearly assignments and why must I submit a record of assignments every half yearly?
  1. How do I add another guiding language on my Tourist Guide Licence?
  1. How is the Multiple Language Proficiency Test (MLPT) conducted?
  1. When will the MLPT be conducted?
  1. Can I promote my guiding services by featuring my specialization and tours on my namecard or through my website?
  1. How do I update my Professional Development Course (PDC) attendance?
  1. How do I update my Personal Profile?
  1. How do I request for a new password?
  1. Can I promote an Outbound tour which I will be guiding?
  1. Can I provide Inbound and/or Outbound tour packages?
  1. Can I promote a tour and get a licensed Tourist Guide to conduct the tour?
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6. What is the Tourist Guide Examination like?
STB requires all applicants to produce the 3 Statement Of Attainments (SOA) as pre-requisites to register for the STB's Tourist Guide Licensing Examination. The 3 SOAs are:

1) Interact With Guests
2) Apply Tourism Knowledge
3) Conduct Tour

It is critical to note that you must hold all 3 SOAs before you will be allowed to attempt both theory and practical examinations.

The theory examination is an e-test comprising 150 multiple-choice question. The practical examination is conducted on coach and on site.

The theory examination fee is $53.50 and the practical examination is at $246.10. (inclusive of 7% GST). Please note that you would need to pass the theory component first before attempting the practical component. Please see attached for the format of the examinations and the examination itineraries

General info on GTG exams_V_6__17 Mar 2011.pdf